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Since 2012, Joshua Smith has been transforming spaces for clients across the country that inspire wellness, joy, and livable beauty.

Whether simple or lux, eclectic or tailored, his design concepts are founded on a belief that our homes should be our sanctuaries.  For Joshua, design isn’t only about decorating, but enabling a blissful life, a life that is well-lived and well-loved.

Joshua believes beauty is a spiritual principle . . . because it is love expressed.  This is the hallmark of his practice.  For him, “A beautiful interior is not just something we see, it’s something we experience.”

A Joshua Smith interior bridges the connection between personal well-being and a sense of the sacred. He takes a holistic approach to design, inspiring wellness and capturing the essence of who we are and how we want to live.  His consciously designed spaces engage the senses, nourish the soul, and most of all, connect us to our best selves.

His career was born from a transformative personal journey – from homelessness at 21 to a successful creator of homes today.  Through hard work and deep exploration into personal and spiritual development, Joshua found his light and has committed to helping others find theirs. 

Today, Joshua inspires positive transformations in how to live more connected and more beautifully, from our soul to our homes.  He works within two important and interconnected modalities that guide his clients to greatness:  Interior Design & Personal Development. 

Home and Design: Joshua is a graduate of the New York School of Interior Design and an alum of AD100 designer, Steven Gambrel’s firm.  Smith not only considers form and decoration, but the role an interior plays in our lives.  After just one year of launching his own firm he was named a “Rising Star” and “One to Watch” by House Beautiful magazine. 

Since 2014, he has been featured in House BeautifulVeranda, The New York Times.  He regularly contributes personal development insight to The Elephant Journal, and design insight to The Huffington Post. He also designed the latter media group’s meditation room in their New York City offices. In the fall of 2019, Joshua was one of 50 designers featured in Rizzoli’s On Style: Inspiration and Advice from the New Generation of Interior Design.

Lifestyle and Personal Development:  Joshua has studied personal development and spiritual connectivity for over 15 years, having trained extensively with The New York Times best-selling author, Gabby Bernstein.

While home is his centerpiece, Joshua has committed to another form of “interior design,” building a practice that helps others find joy, purpose, and meaning in their lives.  He received his professional coaching certification through IPEC.

His various modalities for cultivating inner and outer transformations take the form of:

Joshua’s mission is all about bridging the divide between who we are, how we live, and how we want to show up in this world.  His purpose is to help elevate the best of who we are by bringing love, light and beauty into our everyday experiences and the spaces we dwell.