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3 Steps to a Harmonious Home

3 Steps to a Harmonious Home

ver heard the expression “Act your way into right thinking?” Said another way, if you want to think a certain way, first take the action that sort of thinking would come from! Our homes have the ability to nourish our soul, inspire our minds and elevate our joy. More than a dwelling place, our homes are representative of who we are and how we live. The state of our home generally reflects back to us the state of our mind.

When we open the conversation of living harmoniously, one of the easiest ways we can start is with our homes! With a few simple, easy actions, we can reverse engineer our way to the uplifted and clear mental space we want to be by uplifting and clearing our homes.


Bring Nature Inside

I’m always still amazed in the power of the flower. A grouping of one type of flower in a clear vase can lift the mood of the room and bring a smile to the face.

Stop by the local market and pick out a bouquet. Let this become a ritual, bringing the freshness and vitality of the natural Earth into your home. It never fails to lift the spirit and add beauty to a room. A simple glass vase works wonderfully or place them in a favorite vessel. You can also consider fruits & vegetables, like artichokes, oranges, and lemons, as they last longer.


Freshen things up

One of the biggest blocks to harmony in the home is old stuff that’s just lying around. Think about a body of water….as long as the water is flowing it remains beautiful, fresh and clean. But if there is no movement, then the water becomes stagnant and starts to grow strange things. The same is true when we don’t circulate energy in our home. 

Toss or donate at least 5 things per week. Clean the medicine cabinet. Open the windows. Make your bed. It’s hard to do but the regular act of organizing & paring down is an excellent practice in letting go. Getting rid of things that no longer serve you, creates space for newness in your life and circulates energy (chi). 


Feather your Nest

Set your home for the season you’re in! Using aromatherapy, candles, flowers & gourds, let your home reflect the energy of the season.

Autumn and winter call for cozy blankets, pillows, fires, candles, and books. It’s a grounding season, with darker color pallets from nature. Weather pulls us inside, and we want that feel like the only place we should be!

In seasons like summer and spring, it’s time to lighten up, put away the blankets, and create a light freshness.

Allow your home to reflect the same so you’re body and mind can live in harmony with the atmosphere around you.


Follow through these recommendations & we promise, your home will feel like an oasis of serenity every time you walk in.

Have a favorite way to create harmony in your home? Comment below and let us know!

Blue skies,


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